Walter Vanhaerents

A word from the collector

15 September 2023

Walter Vanhaerents is a passionate collector who dreamed of one day exhibiting his collection at the Tripostal. Au bout de mes rêves is the realization of this dream…

Walter Vanhaerents

«J’irais au bout de mes rêves is a song by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Published on the album Minoritaire in 1982, it was released in 1983 as a single. The vinyl was sold in 300,000 copies. 

Going to the end of your dreams is even taking a risk, that it does not come true. Going to the end of your dreams is scary. But it also means making sure you don’t have any regrets.  

“I will go to the end of my dreams” This is a very powerful statement. It is about perseverance, never giving up, even when times are tough, the situation is desperate and the time you have left is limited. 

This is an excellent metaphor for the collection (and the will and dynamism associated with it). At the same time, it applies perfectly to the works of the collection (visually appealing works, imposing pieces, revolutionary works, works that above all show something different from everyday reality, but that offer insight or make statements about that reality). 

Collecting for the Vanhaerents family became second nature. It became part of our world. We could not imagine a world without art. Art has become a fundamental part of our being. When we buy our artwork in a moment of wonder and excitement, we do it with our eyes and heart, not with our ears. The path of a collector is lonely, he follows and buys the things he likes without worrying about the opinion of others. The collection is a dream that was realized out of passion and love. Having dreams is very important to people. Where there are dreams, there is hope for change or a new beginning. The dream is always the starting point. Dreams become ideas and ideas become projects. Having dreams means we make plans for the future, not the past. 

In life, in a job, in a relationship and even in the collection, you have to give 100% and you have to go to the end. 

Pursue your dreams and desires. I will fulfill my dreams means that you are ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals. 

Art as transformation, pushing boundaries, breaking boundaries and crossing boundaries. Where there are dreams…there are no limits. Anything is possible. 

For me, art has always been associated with the dream world. Artists live in a different world, a free world, they go to the end of their dreams, think outside the box, according to non-standard thought patterns. Because of this non-conformist approach and instinctive approach, they sometimes make unexpected breakthroughs in complex scientific fields. There are many examples of important scientists who have surrounded themselves with artists. 

The exhibition, which also includes “rainbow” works, reinforces the symbols of hope, peace and comfort. A point of light in dark periods. It is said to be a sign of a new beginning.»


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